Week 5 has past and we’re en route to week 6 which means it’s our half way mark!! This week we learned Swift and I just love it! I’m understanding the syntax more than Objective-C. Excited to learn about CoreData this week!

Week 4 already! It feels like I barely started yesterday. This week we’ve played with UIKit, ViewController Containments, Frameworks, Pods and the list goes on and on. I’m still somewhat confused with Delegates and Protocols, I cannot seem to wrap my head around those but I just need to practice them until I get sick of them. After school, I go to work until around 10pm which makes it harder (not impossible) for me to dedicate the amount of time I would like to fully…Continue Reading “Week 4 @ The Iron Yard”

Second week of The Iron Yard has flown by! Learning from Delegates and Protocols to programmatically creating UIButtons and UISteppers it’s been a fantastic week. I am still a bit confused with Objective-C but it’s a matter of learning the terminology and I feel like it would be much less complicated. The iOS Course is being taught by The Iron Yard’s new instructor @AzamSharp. He runs The Azam Sharp Channel where he teaches a variety of languages, two of the ones obviously being Objective-C and Swift. It’s…Continue Reading “@TheIronYard iOS Course Week 2!”

Since the moment I learned about The Iron Yard, I’ve been pushing them to get an iOS course. Today, It’s finally here in Houston and I have re-enrolled at The Iron Yard!! Ever since I took the 12-week Ruby on Rails course, I have had tons of doors open, have had the ability to start a company and have landed a pretty solid job. I can’t stop here though, I want to learn and achieve more. iOS has been my favorite mobile operating system since it was…Continue Reading “Iron Yard Academy Round 2!”

The iPad Pro was released back on November 11th and me being a big Apple fanatic, I went out and purchased the Pro. I was looking forward to test the product before deciding to keep it or not. Straight out of the box and you will notice how massive this device is. With a beautiful 12.9-inch display and being slightly thinner than my iPhone 6s Plus, I was instantly in love with the design of it. After using it for a few hours, mainly just messing…Continue Reading “iPad Pro – My Thoughts”

Everything that begins, at one point, has to end. Sadly, my time with InTuneTo was no exception. Earlier this year, at age 19, I co-founded InTuneTo along with Kevin Cruz. We went through The Iron Yard Academy and later got accepted into their Accelerator that was based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Accelerator was three months and was honestly an incredible experience. We got $20k in seed funding and an unlimited amount of resources, connections and mentorship. Demo Day was possibly the best part of the…Continue Reading “Goodbye, InTuneTo.”

I often talk about developing and what not, but in reality I haven’t done a ton of Ruby on Rails development since I graduated from The Iron Yard about year ago. I took a job as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer but their websites were built on WordPress, their drip campaigns were just HTML and CSS and the rest was just design. When I went on to my startup earlier this year I did do lots of basic web development but not tons of Rails until…Continue Reading “Surprising Myself”

Woah, the title is a mouthful. Samsung is holding this “Ultimate Test Drive” where they send you one of their flagship devices to use for one month. You might be wondering, what’s the catch? Only $1! I went ahead and chose the Galaxy Edge S6 Edge+ because it would be great to compare against my iPhone 6s Plus. When I first got it, I was actually shocked that I liked the device. I have always hated Android, absolutely hated it. The S6 Edge+ (I think)…Continue Reading “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+”

San Francisco is a totally different world. Last week I was out in San Francisco for Health 2.0’s annual conference. As part of The Iron Yard Ventures, we were flown out to pitch the companies we built in the 13 weeks we were out in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was my second time visiting San Francisco, but it was the first time I really got to enjoy it and also get the feel for the startup world. My friend works for a local startup and…Continue Reading “San Francisco”

iOS Development has always caught my attention. I’ve always tried to learn it but Objective-C is hard to learn (in my case). Apple introduced Swift in 2014 and since then it’s grown to be a fantastic programming language. With the release of iOS 9, Apple has allowed developers to create content blockers for Safari. I wanted to play with one but I couldn’t seem to get it working. I kept tinkering around, looking up tutorials and finally created one of the best content blockers! Diamant…Continue Reading “First iOS App on App Store!”