@TheIronYard iOS Course Week 2!

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Second week of The Iron Yard has flown by!

Learning from Delegates and Protocols to programmatically creating UIButtons and UISteppers it’s been a fantastic week. I am still a bit confused with Objective-C but it’s a matter of learning the terminology and I feel like it would be much less complicated.

The iOS Course is being taught by The Iron Yard’s new instructor @AzamSharp. He runs The Azam Sharp Channel where he teaches a variety of languages, two of the ones obviously being Objective-C and Swift. It’s also the first time a mobile engineering class has been taught at the Houston location.

In just two weeks I feel like I’ve learned so much and I cannot express how excited I am about being back at The Iron Yard for round two. I’ve definitely missed the ambience and being in a space with so much talent. I’m looking forward to living on Xcode for the next 10 weeks and thinking of how I could combine my Ruby on Rails knowledge with this iOS course for my final project 🎉