Surprising Myself

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I often talk about developing and what not, but in reality I haven’t done a ton of Ruby on Rails development since I graduated from The Iron Yard about year ago.

I took a job as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer but their websites were built on WordPress, their drip campaigns were just HTML and CSS and the rest was just design.

When I went on to my startup earlier this year I did do lots of basic web development but not tons of Rails until the last half of The Iron Yard Ventures. When I started developing our software, I did two features but they were separate and not bundled. My instructor JWo helped us immensely with the development.

When I got back from South Carolina around August, I started working with PrimalPT, a super awesome gym located in The Woodlands/Magnolia, TX. I was brought on to help with their marketing, redo their websites and whatever else came up.

When the new Apple TV came out, we talked about making an app for it, but it was just an idea. A few weeks ago the team and I were sitting around and the app talk came back up. We want to provide content for our members that can be accessed from the TV so they can view it in case they miss a class or just want to gain more knowledge.

David, owner of Primal, said that it’d be cool if we could also bring it online for those that don’t own an TV. I thought it would be incredibly complicated but I decided to take on the challenge anyway and decided to make this “app talk” a reality.

As the title states, I’ve surprised myself. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to complete this project. I’m still fairly new to the language and I haven’t done much with it in over a year. Looking over at my notes, slowly developing pieces of the app, smashing my head against the wall and suddenly… IT WORKS

I talked a bit of the concept but I won’t post more about it until everything is completed and deployed! I really can’t wait for everyone to try it, it’s going to be awesome. I’m stoked!

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