As the title suggests, today is my birthday. Lots of doors have been opened and my life changed for the better. A year ago when I turned 19 I was still enrolled at The Art Institute and I had no idea what to expect for this year. I was completely lost in what I wanted my future to look like. I was studying Graphic Design and I was beginning to get frustrated in myself because I had no drive to keep studying at The Art Institute….Continue Reading “I am one year older”

Every Thursday we do Pitch Practices at The Iron Yard. The main reason behind it is to recieve feedback on our pitch deck and how we present it in order to improve before our Demo Day on August 13th. Since about two weeks ago, I was told by a handful of people that I should pitch instead of my business partner. I am not the best public speaker, but I get the job done. We decided to tag-team the pitch, I would do the first…Continue Reading “Pitching for InTuneTo”

Eight weeks into The Iron Yard’s accelerator and it’s finally time to start developing. After lots of struggle throughout the first few weeks, we finally know what the hell we want to develop and what we want our company to be. It’s been almost the same concept we had since the begining, just shaped differently. Instead of creating a social platform to keep people engage, we’re going to target the fitness facilities and give them the tools needed for you to get your butt off…Continue Reading “Developing InTuneTo”

Designing is fun, but it also isn’t easy. I find myself spending lots of time on sites such as Dribbble or Behance looking for ideas or inspiration on how to go forth with my design. Since coming in to the Iron Yard’s Accelerator, I’ve been designing more than I ever did for my projects or homework at The Art Institute. Every day it seems that I design a new mockup to go out and validate it. Sketching is great. I’m not the best at drawing…Continue Reading “Designing”

When you’re in a startup, pivoting is nothing to be worried about. In fact, if you don’t pivot you’re probably doing something wrong. Lots of companies such as Twitter, Paypal and Starbucks have pivoted from their original idea to what they are today. Intuneto has changed a lot since our first week at Iron Yard Ventures. It’s changed so much that the name might also go. The feedback from our mentors has opened our minds up and made us think of other alternatives that will get us the most…Continue Reading “Pivoting”

Co-founding a company is harder than I imagined. You have a great idea, you and your business partner have the necessary skills to build shit but what’s next? We’ve completed the first week at The Iron Yard Accelerator and I can only say that it’s been incredible. A week before leaving Houston, we met up with a friend who previously went through the program. He talked about how the whole city of Spartanburg was friendly and willing to help with anything. My business partner and…Continue Reading “Co-Founding a Startup”

Today marks the beginning of a new venture. I’m less than an hour away from leaving my home of over six years to go live in South Carolina for The Iron Yard’s Accelerator. What is The Iron Yard’s Accelerator? The Iron Yard’s Accelerator is a program which help startups with things such as funding, mentorship and access to potential investors.  A few weeks ago I posted about “The Good and Bad News.” This is the good news. The startup I co-founded got funded and accepted to…Continue Reading “Path to Success”

140 characters limit some people in expressing what they think, but for others it’s just enough to make new friends all over the world. When I joined Twitter back on January 10, 2010 I never would’ve imagined that by using this social network, I would later make friends and even create projects with some of them. Last weekend I met up with 5 people I had originally met over Twitter. We decided to go watch Avengers: Age of Ultron at a theater near by.  …Continue Reading “Internet Friends”

After all the Pre-Order disappointment, I finally have my Apple Watch in my hands… or should I say on my wrist. I picked up my Watch yesterday (4/28) morning at the nearest UPS Customer Center since I was not going to be home for the rest of the day, and me being me, I wanted it right away. What I like about the Watch I can “Text” and drive! Being able to respond to quick messages by just using my voice and tapping send is…Continue Reading “Honest Apple Watch Review”

Lets start with the “bad news.” Today was my last day as a Web Developer & Graphic Designer of PreCash, Inc. I was hired as a contractor for about three months and today was my last day. I’m kind of sad because this job was really laid back and for my first real job, it was great. PreCash is a payment/transaction processing service that serves thousands of companies. My job there was to update their websites with new content, design/create their internal docs and anything…Continue Reading “The Good and Bad News”