Iron Yard Academy Round 2!

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Since the moment I learned about The Iron Yard, I’ve been pushing them to get an iOS course. Today, It’s finally here in Houston and I have re-enrolled at The Iron Yard!!

Ever since I took the 12-week Ruby on Rails course, I have had tons of doors open, have had the ability to start a company and have landed a pretty solid job. I can’t stop here though, I want to learn and achieve more.

iOS has been my favorite mobile operating system since it was released back in June of 2007. I have attempted to learn but I cannot seem to wrap my head around Objective-C. I have used swift to make an app that was on the AppStore for some time, but I want to know how to build more complex iOS Applications.

I am super excited for this course and I’m ready to be living and breathing Xcode 7 for 12 weeks! 🎉

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