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The iPad Pro was released back on November 11th and me being a big Apple fanatic, I went out and purchased the Pro. I was looking forward to test the product before deciding to keep it or not. Straight out of the box and you will notice how massive this device is. With a beautiful 12.9-inch display and being slightly thinner than my iPhone 6s Plus, I was instantly in love with the design of it.

After using it for a few hours, mainly just messing around with it, I was really disappointed on how terrible iOS played with such a great device. I mean, this thing has 4gb of RAM, and seems more powerful than the 2015 MacBook. Lots of apps were still not optimized but it was the release date so I was expecting that.

A few days passed and I was not pleased with it and the $99 Apple Pencil & $169 Smart Keyboard were not available in any of the 5 stores in the Houston area. I ended up returning it about three days later because it was just going to be sitting there for a long time without being used like it should.

This past Wednesday I got a new job at this local marketing agency and they provided me with a 21-inch iMac. I brought in my Retina MacBook but it was mostly to play Shark Tank or music while I worked. I thought this would be the perfect chance to give the iPad Pro a second shot, and the accessories were also in stock so it was perfect timing.

Just a few hours of getting the iPad with the Pencil and keyboard and I can already tell it’s a much different experience. I can do a lot more things than I was able to the first week it came out. 

The Apple Pencil is incredibly cool. It’s so easy to set up just plug it into the Lightning port on the iPad and wait a few seconds to pair and it’s go time. This will make quick design tasks easier to complete using some of Adobe’s apps and the “Send to…” feature. Taking notes during meetings and with clients will be nice because it won’t seem like I’m ignoring them if I have the iPad angled up and with the keyboard clicking away.

The keyboard is so… Awesome. The feedback from the keys is just 😍 There is no need to connect via Bluetooth, hope the keyboard is charged or worry about batteries and it’s already embedded into the Smart Cover! It’s a bit pricey in my opinion, but oh man it is great. The other thing I really love is having the command key. Holding Command for a few seconds brings up this menu that shows you everything you can do within the app and the short cuts (not all apps have this) and the ⌘+Tab works just like on the Mac.

TL;DR: The iPad Pro feels like a totally new device with the Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. There’s a lot more things you can do. I can’t wait to try this out for the week and maybe I should do another blog post about the best apps I’ve played with during the week.

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