First iOS App on App Store!

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iOS Development has always caught my attention. I’ve always tried to learn it but Objective-C is hard to learn (in my case). Apple introduced Swift in 2014 and since then it’s grown to be a fantastic programming language.

With the release of iOS 9, Apple has allowed developers to create content blockers for Safari. I wanted to play with one but I couldn’t seem to get it working. I kept tinkering around, looking up tutorials and finally created one of the best content blockers!

Diamant works on both iPhone and iPad and was created for one reason;

I’m tired of all those shitty ads all over websites such as 9to5Mac. They take up too much space and give you useless ads when all you want to see is iPhone rumors or whatever you’re on.

Diamant is $0.99 and it’s now on the App Store! I’ve tested it against some of the ones out there, I won’t name them but it’s definitely better than *ahm* 1Blocker *ahm*.

Go show me some love on the App Store! Click Here to view Diamant!screen322x572screen322x572-2


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